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Seasons & Weather

The wide range of altitudes and sheer size of the country gives Argentina an extensive variety of climates, from subtropical to cold temperate. While Argentina’s extensive coastline has limited ports and diverse weather patterns, for those up for the challenge the country provides opportunities to explore vibrant cities and a gateway to some of the most remote and untouched cruising destinations in South America. The northeastern coastal border (near Buenos Aires) is a typical subtropical climate and extends to the subpolar Tierra del Fuego region in the far south with the country approximately 3700km north to south in length. The seasons are winter (June – August), spring (September – November), summer (December – February) and autumn (March – May), all featuring different weather conditions. Average temperatures and climates vary dramatically, for example, Buenos Aires in the NE, typically ranges between and 21°C and 30°C in January and between 8°C and 15°C in July. In the remote south, Ushuaiain (regarded as the gateway to Antarctica in the Terra Del Fuego region) averages between and 8°C and 15°C in January and below freezing and 6°C and in July (its winter average is zero) – and that's not considering wind chill factors etc.

Boating Cruising Seasons
While cruising the NE in the winter months is possible, typically the majority of exploration of the eastern coastline southwards towards the areas such as the Straits of Magellan, Terra Del Fuego, Beagle Strait and Patagonia are late spring, summer, and to a small degree very early fall. Rounding Cape Horn to the south which is considered one of the most challenging ocean passages (particularly transiting westward) due to the obvious complexities falls outside the scope of this section.

Time zone

There is one standard time zone in Argentina:
• AST (Argentina Standard Time) UTC -3
• Argentina does not observe daylight saving time


Dial 101 (Police)
Dial 100 (Fire)
Dial 107 (Ambulance)
Dial 106 (Emergency at Sea)
Tourist Police (English speaking) Tel: 0800-999-5000 / 0800-999-2838


Driving: Right side of the road
Electricity: Plug Type C & I, 220V, 50 Hz


AR +54 IDC (International Dialing Code)


ARS $ Argentine Peso, 100 centavos per peso
USD can be used in some larger cities and tourist destinations, although it's not guaranteed so it's a good idea to carry some pesos.
ATMs are widely available, though some reportedly run out of money in tourist destinations.

Celebrations & Events
Pets & Animals
Work/Business Hours
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4.3 of 5.0 – High Risk (3.5 - 4.5)

Reconsider travelling

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