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Welcome to CrewTalk™, the CrewScene™ hub where you'll find information about all things crew.
And if you don't understand the lingo, pop into the CrewGlossary where you'll find definitions for many of the terms you'll come across in the maritime & aviation industries. If you notice we've missed a term that you think should be there, you can add it to the glossary – creating an even better resource for the CrewScene™ community.
Whether you're a seasoned sailor or an inexperienced newbie, here at CrewTalk you'll find useful insights as we explore different crew-related things – like what you can expect to find in a typical crew contract, where you can find crew housing, or tips and tricks to look after your crew health.
We'll be looking into different aspects of the maritime and aviation industries, exploring things that are relevant and interesting to the CrewScene™ community. Is there something crew-related that you'd like to know more about? We'd love to hear your CrewTalk™ suggestions, send us a message using the form  below. 


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