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CrewTalk™ is the crew hub where you can find articles and information about all things crew: from seasickness remedies to relationships at sea to finding your best ice-breaking joke!

And if you don't understand the lingo, we even have a CrewGlossary™ for you that should explain most terms in the maritime & aviation industry that you may hear.

Interested in making your passion your career? Find out the difference between CrewTraining™ and CrewCareers™  and how you can get started.

Just like with many opportunities, a career in boating starts with your attitude, not your qualifications. Find out how a good crew member can elevate to CrewSuperstar™ status.

You will find many online crew portals where you can find a crew opportunity such as, where there are many ships, boats, and yachts around the world looking to find a crew.

Maritime crew contracts can range from a handshake to a multi-page document, depending on the situation. In CrewContracts™, we explore a few of the ins-and-outs of onboard agreements.

Whether you are a seasoned sailor or an inexperienced newbie, you've got to look after yourself! In CrewHealth™, we explore some of the things that can affect us while we out a sea.

If you're chasing a place to lay your head while you are away from home, there are many CrewHousing™ places around the world that specialise in accommodating crew.

Feeling nervous or don't know what to say? Break the ice with some CrewLiners™ or throw in some CrewJokes™ to get the party going.