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Whether your focus is the journey or the destination – or even better, a combination of the two – seasons, weather patterns, ocean currents, and a host of other factors will influence every voyage, regardless of if it’s spontaneous or precisely planned.

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Where to go, when?

Knowing the best and worst time of year to explore your next destination is a key part of planning any kind of journey.

For instance, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th while the Eastern Pacific hurricane season starts a little earlier on the 15th of May to November 30th. In the Southern Hemisphere, the tropical cyclone season loosely runs from November 1st through to the end of April, although those dates can vary depending on the area. Keep in mind there can be surprise outliers in any storm season.

‘The Med’ yachting season typically kicks off with the Cannes Film Festival in May and generally wraps up by October, with the start of the ‘Caribbean season’ traditionally marked by the end of the hurricane season in late November.

Of course, not all yachts adhere to this traditional Med-Caribbean ‘Milk Run’; more and more boats are enjoying the ‘expedition-style’ lifestyle, exploring more exotic locations like Raja Ampat, Antarctic expeditions, and the Galapagos (the possibilities are both endless and extraordinary). While many yachts traditionally chase the sun and dodge the weather, for some it really is about venturing outside of the ordinary.

Northern Southern Seasons    
Winter Summer 1 December   to end of February
Spring Autumn 1 March   to end of May
Summer Winter 1 June   to end of August
Autumn Spring 1 September   to end of November
Summer and Winter Solstice

December 22 (21 to 23): Shortest daylight in Northern Winter / Longest daylight in Southern Summer
June 22 (21 to 23): Longest daylight in Northern Summer / Shortest daylight in Southern Winter


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More than simply a passage or a planned route, a journey is more about the experiences and wisdom picked up along the way. Inspiration can often be found in exploring what journeys others have undertaken. We invite our CrewScene™ community to get onboard and share some of their most memorable journeys (the good, the bad, and the Oh My God!), inspiring us all along the way.


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